Services Offered by The Greer Meister Group

Academic Tutoring

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We offer one-on-one and small-group tutoring that is completely customized to each child’s strengths and challenges. We’ll have a detailed discussion before we begin so that we can learn more about your child’s needs and interests. We meet each child where that child is, and we work together from there to meet your child’s goals.

We offer enriching and engaging English, math, sciences, humanities, arts, language, and more, depending on each child's interests and needs. Our tutoring is available in person in your home in NYC and remotely worldwide. We work with students from four years old through graduate school.

Early Learning

  • Reading: Phonics (including Orton-Gillingham), Decoding, Sight Words, Comprehension
  • Writing: Letter Formation, Sentence Formation, Organization, Progression of Ideas
  • Math: Numeracy, Puzzles, Patterns, and Problem Solving


  • Mathematics
  • English and Language Arts
  • Social Studies and History
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Government, Political Science, Geography
  • Sciences: Earth & Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science
  • Music & Arts
  • Foreign Languages

We also offer standardized test prep, executive functioning support, and school application support.

Need help with a subject not on this list? Just ask!

Executive Functioning Support

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Executive functioning skills enable us to plan, focus, follow directions, manage time, prioritize, avoid distractions, keep track of what we’re doing, manage a variety of expectations (such as those from different teachers), and set and achieve goals. We aren’t born with these skills, but we are born with the capacity to develop them. Some of us need more support than others to develop them successfully. As you can imagine, these skills directly impact how your child learns.

We offer support with:

  • Organization
  • Study Skills: efficient studying, note taking, setting up an ideal work space
  • Long-Term Project Planning and Execution
  • Understanding teachers’ expectations
  • Time Management: scheduling, prioritizing, identifying “time robbers”
  • Strategies for academic responsibility without parental reminders
  • Navigating changes in academic environment: remote learning, starting at a new school, promotion to a new division or program, completing coursework at home while on leave, moving between conventional schooling and homeschooling

Self-Directed Enrichment

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Kids learn best when they’re having fun.

Self-directed learning means that your child chooses to learn about something that interests them–not because it was assigned but because they want to know more about it. The learner is making their own choices, which we value and prioritize. Learning is never coercive, meaning it isn’t forced on them; it nurtures their natural curiosity and engagement.

In our self-directed enrichment model, our tutors partner with your child to design a scope and sequence around your child’s interests. The tutor then provides the expertise to support your child’s pursuit of that learning.

Here is a sampling of our students’ self-directed enrichment projects:

  • Trigonometry of kite flying
  • Cryptography
  • History and engineering of skateboards
  • The mathematics and cartography of amusement park design
  • An in-depth study of sea turtle migration and nesting patterns using real-time tracking data from professional marine biologists
  • A year-long independent study of decolonized Rwandan history culminating in the submission of a scholarly paper for publication
  • Collecting first-person accounts from Vietnam War survivors and writing an award-winning piece of creative non-fiction

At The Greer Meister Group, we are creating individualized education experiences. Self-directed learning fosters academic independence as your children develop autonomy and ownership over their own learning goals.

Test Prep

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High-stakes standardized testing isn’t the ideal path to learning, but sometimes the tests are necessary components of achieving a greater goal.

At The Greer Meister Group, we approach standardized test preparation as a way to help students develop content mastery, resilience, and academic independence.

We offer preparation for many standardized exams, including but not limited to the NYS ELA and math exams, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, Hunter (HCHS) Entrance Exam, BJE, TACHS, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP Exams. We offer both in-person and remote prep.

We also offer audition preparation for specialized performing arts high schools and colleges. Contact us to find out more.