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The New York Times“Caitlin Meister, who runs the Brooklyn-based consulting and tutoring service The Greer Meister Group, said the number of requests for live-in private tutors has doubled compared with last summer… [and] more of them are being asked to teach multiple siblings, in the style of a governess. She said that’s a request her tutors can handle, but many are accustomed to providing more specialized instruction.” Read more ▸

New York Magazine“Caitlin Meister, founder of The Greer Meister Group, a private tutoring and educational consulting practice in Brooklyn, started offering small-group enrichment sessions after noticing how much of the community aspect of school was missing from remote learning. She says that ‘academic success for children often relies on a child feeling that they belong and that their voice is heard and respected in the academic environment.’” Read more ▸

The Wall Street Journal“But for many families, the stakes are high to get into elite colleges, and some parents see private tutors as a necessary step to get the best test scores… [Greer Meister Group] founder Caitlin Meister says she donates packages of free instruction to public school fundraisers in an effort to make the playing field a bit more level. ‘We’re mindful of it,’ said Ms. Meister. ‘It has to be something that you’re cognizant of when you work in an industry that is so privilege-based.’” Read more ▸

Parents Magazine “…this is is a perfect chance to help your child (and you) get a crash course in our country’s Constitution and have some pretty interesting conversations about ethics… Use the topic as a springboard to talk about the values that are important to you. ‘My recommendation with any challenging material is for parents to decide what underlying theme they want to focus on,’ Meister says. ‘What resonates with your family values? Use that to decide how to talk with your kids about the issue. Do you want to emphasize personal responsibility? Civic engagement? Compassion? Being an ally and amplifying marginalized voices? Let your family’s values guide how you discuss the challenging topic with your child while recognizing that others may have different values.’” Read more ▸

US News & World Report“After you drop your child off at school, don’t sneak out. Always say goodbye, Meister says. ‘Show your child that you feel at ease with leaving and that you’re clear and confident about when you will see him again,’ Meister says. ‘Try to find out what the schedule for the day is, and tell your child something like, “after lunch, there will be an art project, and after that art project, mommy will be waiting by the big green door right there.”’” Read more ▸

CoveyClub“Kids learn best when they’re having fun. Pandemic schooling meant less time in school and fewer hours spent on homework, which presented an amazing opportunity for kids to explore their own interests! That’s self-direction — guiding our own exploration and learning. During the pandemic, our son discovered model rocketry. With hours to explore, he began to learn chemistry, physics, meteorology, and math in pursuit of his new interest…and he connected with new friends he would never have met otherwise. Not only did he learn more in multiple subjects than he would have in a typical first grade school year, it was relevant to something he cared about, and it was fun, which means that he remembers it better and knows how to apply it in the real world, not just in calculations on a worksheet.” Read more ▸

Women's Wear Daily“In the days of college admission scandals, untenable student debt and growing acceptance of alternative education paths, the concept of experiential learning comes into focus. And as students continue searching for meaning and value in their education, companies such as The Greer Meister Group, a private educational consulting and tutoring practice, offer a unique approach to learning that fits the needs of today’s varied and highly flexible academic climate.” Read more ▸

Real Simple“If your kid comes home from school with a jumbled mess of crumpled papers, it’s time to step in and help, says Caitlin Meister, founder and director of The Greer Meister Group, a private educational consulting and tutoring practice. Color-code each subject (if math is the red notebook, then math gets a red folder) and label each side of the folder. The left side should read ‘To Be Completed’ and the right side should read ‘To Hand In.’”

American Library AssociationThe Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), recognizes The Greer Meister Group’s founder, Caitlin Greer Meister, for her outstanding audio recording work for young adults.Read more ▸

Insider “Caitlin Meister, a Brooklyn mom and the founder of a private tutoring educational consulting practice, told Insider her office has been nonstop fielding calls from anxious New York City parents…‘concerned about the Omicron variant, how it’s affecting their kids’ schools, how different schools around the city have changed plans (sometimes multiple times in a few days), how they’re feeling about sending their kids to school, and how they’re planning to provide stability to their kids as schools grow increasingly unstable.’” Read more ▸

The Story Exchange “If your child is interested in studying the history and engineering of skateboarding, or learning trigonometry through kite flying, Caitlin Meister’s tutoring company might be the right fit. Meister founded The Greer Meister Group in New York City more than a decade ago, and she’s selling more than just test prep. She has positioned her company as a high-end, boutique outfit that sells individualized educational experiences.” Read more ▸

The Daily Front Row “Are your enfants wiling away their summer days in front of the telly and all sorts of meaningless pursuits? Il faut arrêter! Caitlin Meister, founder of The Greer Meister group, to the rescue. Meister and her trove of top-notch tutors will ensure that your littles do not suffer the ‘summer slide.’” Read more ▸

New York Lifestyles Magazine “Caitlin Meister, a Brooklyn mother of two who balances her work in education with a successful voiceover career, started The Greer Meister Group with some of the most diverse — and entertaining — tutors in the city.” Read more ▸

Resident Magazine “As the founder of The Greer Meister Group, [Caitlin Meister] oversees a group of the most highly-qualified, accomplished, engaging, and creative tutors in the tri-state area… ‘Kids learn best when they’re having fun. Anyone who tells you that tutoring has to look one certain way is stuck inside a comfort zone that serves the adult first rather than serving the child first.’” Read more ▸