About Joyfully Learning and
The Greer Meister Group

At The Greer Meister Group, founded in 2012, our mission is to bring evidence-based, strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming practices to students, families, schools, and organizations.

At our private tutoring practice, Joyfully Learning, our mission is to help each child discover their own “right way in” to learning, even when it doesn't look the way others might expect. By intentionally creating conditions that set our students up for success, we increase mastery, confidence, independence, and empower kids to be lifelong learners.

Our educational consulting practice serves families, schools, and organizations. For families, our mission is to empower parents to understand and advocate for how their children learn best and navigate changes in education with aplomb. For schools and organizations, our mission is to provide the resources and professional development to help kids, parents, and educators thrive.

Our core values drive everything that we do:

  • Embrace always learning and growing
  • Embody flexibility and creativity to nurture meaningful connections
  • Foster self-direction, curiosity, and joy in learning
  • Empower others
  • Provide outstanding service

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